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Welcome to The Potential Space

Possibility has always been important to me. The possibilities of meeting new people, learning new things, going to new places. Possibility is my biggest motivator, and the absence of it is when life seems toughest. The thing with possibility though is that there's an element of luck to it, of fortuity ... it's not something we necessarily have control over.

Through my experiences as a people and talent professional I've come to embrace what I think of as a complementary view — the value of embracing potential. The difference being that while possibility might lean on chance, synchronicity or timing to bring growth and opportunity, potential can be actively pursued, encouraged and developed. The Potential Space is built around that premise.

With the right strategies, learning and actions, together we can build more inclusive workplaces, more enabled leaders and more effective teams.

I look forward to working with you.

Jonathan Yeo

Founder, The Potential Space

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