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Suggestions for ways your organization can build inclusion.


  • Create a strategy to support employee community groups (also known as employee resource groups or affinity groups) that includes funding and administrative structures.

  • Encourage and fund opportunities for team events that create new or deeper connections.

  • Build a social platform for employees to engage with.

  • Profile employees through new or existing company communication platforms.

  • Add collaboration skills and others-awareness content and experiences to learning and development curricula. 



  • Start a regular employee experience survey if you don't already have one.

  • Hold regular listening sessions for employees.

  • Direct leaders to have one-on-one connections with employees beyond their direct reports.

  • Host annual reviews on mission statements and company cultural values that encourage input from all.

  • Use appreciative inquiry to explore how other organizations approach people and culture.



  • Treat employee survey results as a compulsion for change.

  • Communicate intentions, goals and aspirations to the organization.

  • Review and revisit change initiatives and report regularly on progress.

  • Share stories of how norms have been challenged and improved, and make continuous review a cultural tenet.



  • Integrate inclusion topics into all communication forums - examples could be updates on diversity hiring initiatives, community building activities or promoting learning opportunities.

  • Measure efforts and impact regularly and report out to all employees.

  • Be transparent about what's working, what's not, and what needs to be addressed.

  • Make sure the actions are in place to back up words and messaging.

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