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Cultures that include.
Teams that engage.
Leaders who inspire.
Individuals who achieve.
Do these sound like your experiences or challenges?
About you
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We know our managers need support to engage better with their teams. Now we just need a plan.

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Our teams want us to do better on inclusion. We want to as well. But we want it to be genuine, and lasting. 


I lead a group of talented individuals but the team doesn't yet feel like the sum of its parts.

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I've seen that the more we invest in people development, the more our people invest in the work.  

About us

The Potential Space works closely with you to develop strategies, design programs and deliver experiences that build inclusion, enable teams and develop leaders.

In a Meeting
Architects at Work
Group Discussion


Assess where you are, and where you want to be. 

Develop plans to increase inclusion, develop leadership and build culture.


Generate creative solutions relevant to your business and teams.


Create programs that build and maintain impact over time.

Build learning experiences that move hearts and minds.

Customize to organizational and individual needs.


Facilitate workshops and learning experiences.

Provide content for ongoing development.

Train facilitators, leaders and champions.

Want to learn more about our Strategy/Design/Delivery approach?
Examples of what The Potential Space has provided for clients. See also the Resources page for downloads and videos.
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Workshops for Teams

Understanding DEI

Compelling Communication

Presentation Skills

Identity at Work



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Individual Solutions

Executive Coaching

Inclusive Leadership Advising

Career Development

Communication Coach

Clapping Audience

Organizational Growth

Culture Strategies

Talent Development

Workplace Adaptation

Internal Communications

Conference Speaker

Workshops range in duration from 30m to 3h; Coaching & Consulting is on an hourly basis; Speaking engagements typically include a workshop element (30m speaking followed by 60m workshop).
The principles that inform our strategies, solutions, learning and engagement.

What changes culture

  • An honest assessment of what's working and what's not

  • The power of consistent language and messaging

  • Actions that bring the messaging to life

  • Authentic and vulnerable leaders

What builds inclusion

  • Building multiple ways to connect and create communities 

  • Curiosity about other people, other perspectives and other experiences

  • A willingness to embrace change

  • Commitment from leadership, and commitment over time

What develops leaders

  • Following an individual growth mindset, supported by an organizational learning culture

  • Focus on self-awareness and enabling authenticity

  • Being challenged in both life and learning 

  • Opportunities to practice, grow and share with peers and mentors 

What engages people

  • Connecting learning to outcomes and benefits

  • Having reality acknowledged and represented

  • Being part of a community effort

  • Achievable actions to realize goals  

Where does your organization have opportunities to increase inclusion?
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Hi, I'm Jonathan Yeo, founder of The Potential Space. After ten years working at Apple in inclusion, diversity, learning and development - and before that in education, business and creative arts industries - I wanted to help smaller organizations and individuals discover and unleash their potentials. And so I created The Potential Space.


In my career, I've designed and delivered scaled learning to tens of thousands, I've created and facilitated hundreds of small group workshops in over a dozen countries, and I've coached individual leaders globally. I've created programs for new managers, mentoring, high potential engagement, inclusive behaviors and communication skills.


What I bring to the work is deep experience in the field, a constant sense of curiosity, and a determination to create real change and real growth - in both individuals and organizations.

Watch the video below to learn more about what led me to create The Potential Space.

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About The Potential Space (3m30s)

Also check out my Thoughts blog and the Resources page.


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